Belgian ufology: what future developments are to be expected after the Petit-Rechain fiasco?Le 19 mars 2014

It comes as a surprise that among these 1,282 COB entries, out of which, without having counted them, I estimate ~10% were Close Encounters less than 100 m away from MW, we are unable to find one single photographic document or more widely speaking “trace” clearly indicating the presence of an unconventional object. The whole by SOBEPS collected “evidence” - including a photo taken by P. Ferryn with two other SOBEPS members at Ramillies on April 1, 1990 - are of distant objects. They are blurred, indistinct, ambiguous, lending themselves to every possible interpretation and/or misidentification.

What finally is left of the 89-93 Belgian Ufo wave? The residue is a rather impressive body of anecdotal, often strange and thrilling incidents that in my opinion only “prov” that definitely “something strange” happened in the eastern part of Belgium along the German border during this period and specially between October and December 1989. After that, the events became over-mediatized, leading to an almost hysterical climate of “UFO hunting” in a guillible and easy to confuse public.

Franck Boitte

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