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The Belgian Wave and the photos of Ramillies

On August 24, 2010, Roger Paquay presented statements, with attachment, concerning the observations made at Ramillies and the corresponding photographic documents. He repeated them on SUNlite (vol. 2, 6, pp. 24-26).
The title was: “The March 31, 1990 Ramillies UFO observation”.
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Jean-Michel Abrassart published there an article under the following title: “The beginning of the Belgian UFO wave” (p. 21-23). My answer to these attacks is here. It consists in an objective and rational re-examination of all the essential points. We present also much more information concerning the Ramillies case and the very remarkable photos. Everyone can thus judge by himself. This applies also to the explanation by means of the “Herschel effect”. It is even extended to account not only for the fact that the latent image formed by visible light was erased, but also for the fact that there were other photographic traces. They did not result from visible light, but from UV light.

Although I don’t expect that Mr. Paquay and Mr. Abrassart will change their opinions, this study should be of interest to anyone, who really wants to know what happened. This is also an answer to Abrassart’s mail of 27 July 2011, where he claimed that I am “misrepresenting the skeptical point of view and using strawman arguments instead of real ones.” He also mentioned Ockham’s razor. In this regard, I refer to the article of Dieter Gernert: Journal of Scientific Exploration, vol. 21, pp. 135-140, 2007.
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Auguste Meessen